Biography of Juergen Waldick
Juergen, raced in Germany from 1974 to 1976 for the RSV Düsseldorf-Rath/Ratingen 1951 e.V.. In 2013 he returned to racing after a 37-year layoff. While returning to riding he has also focused on competing in triathlons. He completed a sprint triathlon as well as an Ironman 70.3 in 2014. He qualified for both the time trial and the road race portions of the National Senior Olympics in 2015. Since his return to racing he has competed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia. Away from his bike Juergen is the elected prosecutor in Allen County, Ohio. He also serves as an adjunct professor of law at the Ohio Northern University College of Law. His other interests include backpacking the Appalachian Trail, which he hopes to complete in a few years.
Major Results:


  • 2016 Michigan State Championship, 10k Time Trial Senior Olympics National Qualifier
  • Michigan State Championship, 20k Road Race Senior Olympics National Qualifier
  • Ohio State Championship Senior Olympics ( 5k Time Trial)
  • 2016 Ohio State Championship Senior Olympics ( 10k Time Trial)
  • 2016 Ohio State Championship Senior Olympics (20k Road Race)
  • 3RVS Time Trial (10 mi.)
  • 2015

  • Georgia Golden Olympics, 20k Road Race
  • Georgia Golden Olympics, 40k Road Race
  • Georgia Golden Olympics, 5k Time Trial
  • 2015 Michigan Senior Olympics 5k Time Trial & 40k Road Race
  • 2015 Michigan Senior Olympics 10k Time Trial & 20k Road Race
  • Kewpee Triathlon
  • 2015 National Senior Olympics 20k Road Race
  • 2015 National Senior Olympics 40k Road Race
  • Firecracker 10 Mile RR
  • Defiance 40 Road Race
  • Maumee Valley Wheelmen Race #4 May Jane (Time Trial)
  • Findlay Flyers Race Series 20k
  • Otsego Park TT Maumee Valley Wheelmen
  • UCI-Ranking:

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    Track: , Road:Masters

    Team: Masters



    First Season: 0000-00-00